What’s up?

For anyone interested, I’m on sick leave from work where I do most of my blogging.

I don’t know how long this will go on – Possibly till next Monday, possibly longer.

Being sick is terrible.  Hope to never do it again.

Will inform.

Thanks for the positive vibes.

David Gordon Burke

Productivity is WAY DOWN!

I guess everyone has to have priorities in life.  Right now, my priority is HEALTH. 

I got a scare this last January – anyone who drops by this blog regularly might have seen posts from Feb. 15th from Doctors Hospital here in Monterrey, Mexico.  I was in for surgery.  Sadly, the surgery didn’t cure the problem and since then I have been in therapy.  This is going to continue for the next few months and then I will have yet another surgery which the Doctor’s assure me is the last.  I will be cured.

I haven’t come out and explained what my condition is since it is a private matter.  Let’s just say that I was extremely lucky.  Smoking is the cause of my misery.  That should tell you all you need to know. 

God in his wisdom (yes, I am a Christian and believe in God) looked down upon me and realizing that I was HOOKED on cigarrettes to the point that nothing was going to get me off them, he gave me a little scare.  Better the curable MESS that I have now rather than Lung Cancer five years down the road.

So you can see, I have been somewhat distracted.  My latest WIP Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs hasn’t progressed as quickly as I had hoped.  I am not in a creative headspace. 

I have been doing a lot of other work – specifically getting Lobo and A Rose by Any Other Name ready for print release via Createspace.  I’m also slowly finishing another installment of Ingles al Poder de Tres.

I will keep plugging away.  I hope to work up to a major turning point around the time I am in recovery from my next surgery.  With any luck I’ll be managing my PROMO BLAST while working on a new novel by then.

David Gordon Burke
PS.  No graphics today.  .blog isn’t working.

Here Comes the Weekend

Ok.  Enough procrastinating.  This weekend I have to get down to brass tacks and make some progress on my latest project. 

I’ve been highly undermotivated and flip flopping like a fish out of water.  It’s not that the project doesn’t interest me, it does.  But there are a couple of issues holding me back.

The first is the CURSE of the INDIE writer.  After you do all those other chores like design covers and blog and format etc. you have very little energy left for the actual writing. 

The second is a bit of self doubt about the last story in the collection.  Since I decided to write first person from the point of view of a REAL PERSON who will undoubtedly go on to READ the story…well that’s a bit daunting. 

I’ve decided to just do it as if it were fiction and I hope I don’t write anything to offend. 

Anyway, that’s it.  This weekend it’s guns blazing full steam ahead until I make some breakthrough. 

It’s a dirty job but someone has to do it.

David Gordon Burke

Ain’t that just a fine How do you do?

There isn’t much to report.  I have a full plate of life which hasn’t left a lot of room for writing.

But….every time I get one of these life obstacles out of the way it opens up the possibility for me to be writing a lot more very soon. 

My other blog at wordpress is getting a new installment every day which means SOMEONE out there is getting a free English class every day.

Books are selling at an average of 1 per day.  That means about $0.35 to $0.50 to me per day.  Nothing to write home (or a blog) about but….it’s a start.  Imagine if I had 100 titles.  I am doing this with FOUR possible books spread over two distinct markets.
1.  Fiction / Non-fiction stuff for people who like to read about dogs.
2.  English language instruction for Spanish speakers. 

Pretty slim markets and niche areas.  Got to widen my range.

Meanwhile, Mexican Mutts Tequila Pups and Chili dogs is slowly taking shape.
The Real Taco Cookbook is getting an overhaul.
The next two installments of Ingles al Poder de Tres are in production. 

The Promo Blast is still on the drawing board. 

Something has to give.  Got to reach critical mass soon.

David Gordon Burke

Progress Report – What I’m working on Now.

After a few setbacks I’m moving forward with my next projects. 

This is all leading up to a huge PROMO BLAST but the exact date when I start that is still unknown.

These are the challenges I have to take care of before the PROMO BLAST.

1.  Finish my current WIP – Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs.
2.  Prepare LOBO, A Rose By Any Other Name and Mexican Mutts for print editions on Create Space.
3.  Finish the Real Taco Cookbook.
4.  Finish the current Ingles al Poder de Tres editions.
5.  Start work on my next projects (Novel)
6.  Finish my current round of treatments (medical) and schedule my surgery.  (my last thank God) 

So these issues could run up to two months before it all gets taken care of.  New covers are needed.  Editting.  Etc. 

I think this is the make  or break point.  The first nudge of the snowball from the top of the mountain.  Let’s see how much momentum I can get going on that first big push.

Meanwhile, I am deal with an issue on the Spanish version Amazon.  A really bad review has all but ended my sales there.  Sad since the book sells for less than 1 EURO – admittedly there are probably a few grammatical issues with my written Spanish – but since it is a book for teaching ENGLISH with tons of vocabulary and some great insights on the structure of the English language, how much of a rip off could the book be?  Is this person saying that the book is of no value, no value to him or that he will ignore the book’s value since it isn’t in pristeen perfect Spanish? 

I don’t think this person wants to learn English at all.  Thanks for nothing pal.  Pinches gallegos hijos de la chingada por eso nadie los quiere.

David Gordon Burke

Book and Film Recommendations

Once in a while I like to get away from my own little world and talk about those oh,  so, rare books and movies that I have enjoyed recently that are inspirational.  Yesterday I saw this film which was a revelation. 

I’m all about anything that exposes the corruption and nonsense of life in Mexico.  It is what it is.  There is more truth in this film’s 2 hours than I have seen in years.

Another awesome flic.

Derbez has done 2 movies along these lines – La Misma Luna and Instructions not included.  Neither one is half the movie this is.  The illegal experience in the USA.

Life in Mexico city.  The crime, corruption and conspiracy.  Awesome.

And my book recommendation.  For the aspiring writer or anyone who wants to write correctly.

That’s my post for Monday.  Have a great week.

David Gordon Burke

Getting Back on Track

I’ve been trying to get my latest project back on track.  Two of my stories stalled.  Sputtered and died.  It took just a small tweek to the plot of each of them and I’m back on track. 

The final story is one still giving me some concern.  It was maybe a bit ambitious of me to take the project on but now I can hardly roll over and give up. 

The final story is based on a Non-Profit organization here in Mexico called Save A Mexican Mutt.  You might remember I had a telephone interview a month or so back with the founder Kelley Karger. 

My internal conflict is writing the piece (first person from the point of view of Kelley’s husband Jim) about real people.  And then knowing that those same people are going to read this fictionalized story of their lives.  I’ve done a lot of research to get the details right but ….. 

I’m going to have to do it.  Hopefully they won’t be insulted by my effort. 

With any luck I will wrap up my second and third last stories and just be working on the Save a Mexican Mutt piece by next week.

Have an awesome Weekend.

David Gordon Burke

Not Throwing in the Towel just yet.

I’ve been at this coming up on one year.  It’s been great fun and an amazing creative outlet.  It was a major sprint right out of the gate – I wrote ‘A Rose by Any Other Name’ in just a few short months and got it uploaded to Amazon.  While I was working on that the idea for ‘Lobo’ came to me so I had no down time between the two projects.  At the same time was brainstorming a ton of other things that are either in the developement stage or hit the REJECT pile. 

It’s about time to start to pace myself.  I’m not sure when but within the next few months there will be a MASSIVE PROMO BLAST.  The idea is to wait until I have enough titles to offer so as to take advantage of all possible interest. 
I’m thinking about offerring LOBO via The Story Cartel and then Amazon KDP.
Then the same for the Mexican Mutts Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs.
Then the same for Rose. 

Meanwhile, on the Spanish side of the Market I have plans for more Ingles al Poder de Tres books.

All of this to coincide with releases in traditional print via Createspace. 

I may have to slow down just to keep up with it all.

David Gordon Burke

New Reviews in for LOBO

5.0 out of 5 stars Tough Life for Man and Dog on the Mixed Fortuned Streets of Monterrey, Mexico. March 22, 2014
By Mr. Richard Lw Bunning
Format:Kindle Edition|Amazon Verified Purchase
Review of Lobo.
It is rare that I struggle to put a book down, with Lobo I really let my life outside the book slip. I’m a slow reader- so my list of ‘must do yesterday’ got very long.
This is a well written book that oozes with the author’s passion for his subject. The backdrop is the recent past of Monterrey, in Mexico, which like so many cities has deep divisions of class, income and expectation. The characters are deeply drawn, and well painted into the wide panorama over which I as the reader was made to feel I had an omnipresent view. The characters are as much the dogs as the people. Both species seem to almost mirror each other, except that the evil in the dogs is generally driven by man.
This is not a ‘Four Paws into Adventure’ (Claude Cénac), or another, often copied, ‘The Incredible Journey’ (Sheila Burnford) though the dog is the true star, and the quality of the story is as high. Lassie didn’t live in Monterrey, in an often violent, all too real world, in which the real highs and lows of human character are displayed in all their vivid colours. Lassie couldn’t have won many battles on Lobo’s streets.
The copy I read had a smattering of typos, which is frustrating, but not because they spoil the read. They really don’t. Rather, I’m frustrated, because DGB is such an excellent writer that achieving flawless just has to be so worthwhile. I love the rich descriptive style of writing that has so much to tell us about Mexico and its people whilst the plot steadily boils above.
I am a total fan of the first person narrative and so was totally absorbed by DGB’s use of the form to write first person straight from the heads of nearly all his rich tapestry of characters. I particularly respect his writing because Burke has torn up the modern ‘fashion’ manual on writing in order to do his own thing. In the process he has produced a really good fact-based fiction book.
5.0 out of 5 stars Wolf of Monterrey…March 22, 2014
By scott donaldson
Format:Kindle Edition
Wow. A great read, captivating throughout, and a wonderful locals view of Monterrey. The author has a unique writing style that is pleasant and yet keeps you turning pages through to the end. Vivid descriptions allow you to view in your minds eye the characters, surroundings, smells and noise along the way. Full of enjoyment. Highly recommended.
Wow.  I’m blown away. 

David Gordon Burke

Here Comes the Weekend

God, I love it.  The WEEKEND.

Not that my work week is full of stress and an overload of chores and responsibilities.  I mostly carry out a few mundane tasks between giving classes or waiting for my next class.  I deal with my own projects and update my blogs. 

But there is nothing better than the weekend.  Free time and freedom.  No boss (aside from my wife haha) and no one to tell me what and when I have to do.  Glorious.

This weekend I have a few things lined up.
1.  Print the PROMO T Shirts for the upcoming PROMO blast.
2.  Get some work done on the curren WIP – Mexican Mutts, Tequila Pups and Chili Dogs.
3.  Get some work done on the Real Taco cookbook.
4.  Get some work done on the Spanish Translation of ‘Rose.’

Cook a Lasagna.  Eat a Lasagna.

As some of you may have figured out … I am still dealing with some health issues.  This afternoon I go for one of my continued treatments.  I will most likely have another surgery late spring. 

I appreciate everyone who drops by here and reads my musings. 
It would be a great help in this difficult time is everyone could do one or some of the following.

Share this blog on Facebook.

Share or join my Facebook page

Like or share my books.

Review a book on Amazon or Goodreads. 

Every little bit helps.  The deal isn’t really an economic issue.  It’s a major distraction for me.  It helps me keep in a positive forward thinking mind frame. 

Again, thanks for dropping by. 

I’ll be back on Monday.

David Gordon Burke